Why Real Estate?



Commercial properties are more stable by nature than residential properties. Leases are often secured by bank a guarantee, which makes them a secure investment.

Property Management

Very often, commercial properties require less management as compared to residential properties. Management of commercial properties is far more passive than that of residential properties.

Lease Duration

The leases for commercial properties are considerably longer than those for residential properties. Leases for commercial properties are on an average for five years or more, whereas the leases for residential property are usually for one year.

Operational Freedom

Commercial tenants tend to maintain the property better, as the look and condition of the property is important to their business and staff. Commercial renters usually fix minor problems & conduct repairs themselves, rather than frequently call the landlord; so that you can strategically leverage this time to network with people and businesses.

Return On Investment

Commercial properties tend to be more lucrative than residential because of steady returns and better cash flow. The lease periods are longer than residential, which translates into guaranteed long-term cash flow.