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The World Around Us Is Changing
Some recent developments like weakening of US Dollar, crisis at Wall-Street, softening of the Residential Real Estate market and relatively low mortgage rates have turned Commercial Real Estate into one of the most sought after investment choice for a growing number of people from other countries. Some see Commercial Real Estate as a better way to earn money, than stocks or other securities; while others are interested in using the properties themselves.

There has been a tremendous sales binge going on since the last six months, especially among investors from Asia. The East coast is faring particularly well especially areas around Chicago, Atlanta and Washington DC.

A favourable exchange rate has been a big factor. The dollar has fallen significantly over the past three years against the 12-nation euro and the British pound. There is a sense that the falling dollar has made U.S. Commercial Real Estate more attractive & affordable now. The Internet has also made it easier for foreign investors to look for strategic properties in the United States.
Opportunity AMID Adversity
Demand-Supply: Fundamentals that reflect market conditions, like vacancy rates etc are still solid, although no longer stellar. Moving further, our macro-economic analysis reveals that additional construction could plummet as it did in 1993-1995.Minimal construction coupled with modest economic recovery over the course of 2009 reflects a very compelling picture for existing Commercial Real Estate, in terms of demand/supply. 

The 1031 market continues to thrive: The 1031 market segment is driven by the explosion of Tenants-in-Common (TIC) syndications. For lenders and owners alike, Commercial Real Estate is still an enticing play and a secured investment with predictable profit performance.

Take Advantage Of Favourable Investment Opportunities In US

Assessing the Commercial Real Estate market in today’s testing times is no easy task, especially for foreign investors. However our analysis reveals that the current economic situation is such that there are multiple opportunities in Commercial Real Estate Investments at strategic prices. At FBIC, we specialize in researching and identifying Stable & High Return commercial properties for our investors. Talk to us, to get the ball rolling.

When I first thought of investing in Commercial Real Estate, I was sceptical; whether this was the right step to secure my future. Nowadays, whenever I look back, it dawns upon me how lucky I was to have consulted folks at FBIC, who listened to my needs and helped me invest in a strategically high return property.

Name: Harmit Singh
Location: Knoxville, TN
Business Name: Kingston Mart
Business Type: Gas Station
Transaction Value: USD 2.3 Million

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