Site Selection & Acquisition



FBIC understands the complexity of site selection and acquisition and is experienced in preparing comprehensive analyses and comparisons of potential properties.

Sell Commercial Real Estate Buildings

We understand the importance of choosing the right commercial real estate broker to sell your building and have the experience to know how to produce the results that owners expect. Once we have established a commitment, our sales and marketing team will execute the following:

Analyze Your Buildings Market Value

Identify Prime Prospects

Prepare Marketing Packages

Market Your Property to Existing and Potential Buyers

Present Your Building to Qualified Buyers

Negotiate Deal Terms and Determine Financing Options

In addition, our expert staff will assist property owners with property leases and/or property management.

Locate Building Sites:

Our site acquisition team begins with a thorough understanding of our client’s needs. Depending on the client’s needs a site analysis will cover:

Multiple Site Options

Detailed Demographics

Growth Analysis

Cost for Site Enhancements

Analysis for Zoning, Insurance, Traffic Issues

Financing Options Identifying the Buyers.


FBIC’s professional property management team reduces the time you spend dealing with tenant and property management issues; protects your investment by ensuring your property is well maintained and a maximum occupancy level is attained; and saves you money through our streamlined, cost-effective management services.

FBIC’s professional property management team and their network of partners provide comprehensive services that include:

Personal service and prompt access to the property manager assigned to solve tenant and owner issues quickly, efficiently and in the best interest of both parties

Day-to-day operations management of the property

Tenant screening and placement to ensure high levels of occupancy and a steady source of income

Accounting services and administrative support to handle all tenant-related issues

Property maintenance, repair and construction to provide a healthy, productive, aesthetically pleasing workplace environment

24-hour maintenance support to help insure tenant satisfaction and retention

Tenant and contract negotiation and renewal, rent collection

Move-in, move-out and periodic inspections

Payment of mortgages, insurance and other property-related bills

Adherences to all applicable federal, state and local regulations

Cost-conscious culture – we scrutinize dollars as if they were our own

Improvement planning so you can increase the value of your property and make the most of your investment dollars

More than 25 years of general real estate and property management experience with a proven track record

Our Commercial Real Estate professionals are members of Building Owners and Managers Institute International with designations of RPA – Real Property Administrator and SMA -Systems Maintenance Administrator, Pinellas Realtor Organization, Florida Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtor, Florida Gulf Coast Commercial Association of Realtor.


Most commercial lease transactions involve some tenant space reconfiguration – which can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint and new carpet or as extensive as a major remodel or full build-out.Tenant construction can often be a complicated process, requiring daily oversight and negotiations between tenants, architects, engineers, general contractors, electricians, painters and others. It’s important to be represented by a professional agent who understands the finer points of tenant space construction and negotiation. Managing this process correctly can mean the difference in an on time move in or a substanial delay. Understanding how to be ahead of the process is the key. Typically, landords and tenants lack this expertise.

FBIC Commercial Realty, Inc. and their vast network of trusted partners can help you every step of the way, from designing the space to providing the construction, and to making sure the modifications proceed on time and on budget.


Would you go to court without a lawyer? Read an x-ray and prescribe a health care regime? Learn to fly a plane without a qualified instructor in the cockpit? Of course not! You'd have a trained, experienced professional help you every step of the way. The same holds true for having a commercial real estate expert represent your interests during a real estate negotiation.

FBIC Business commercial real estate professionals have extensive experience representing buyers and tenants. They look out for your best interest so you can get the best deal possible. Buyer/Tenant Representation services include:

Needs analysis (move-in date, square footage requirements, budget, special needs)

Logistics (attain financials, complete representation letter)

Identification and tour of sites

Negotiation of lease or purchase offer, confer with legal counsel if necessary

Closing or lease execution


Leasing is an investment that often gets less scrutiny than necessary. To protect your interests and make sure you get the best deal, a comparative lease analysis is essential. Commercial leasing market knowledge is one of the most important aspects of the analysis. A knowledge of general commercial leasing market conditions and an awareness of the subtle dynamics of each sub-market ensures an accurate, useful analysis.

FBIC Commercial Realty, Inc. has team members with in-depth commercial market knowledge and years of experience performing detailed, accurate, concise lease analyses. By using a FBIC lease analysis, you have a professional advocate in your corner to protect your investment and make sure you get the best deal possible – quickly and without breaking your budget.

FBIC’s lease analysis includes:

Analysis of a tenant's commercial space, square footage, amenities, architectural criteria and location needs

Costs of occupancy analysis to determine whether leasing or buying is in the tenant’s best interest

Market survey to determine what is available that best suits your needs

Property comparative analysis based on market survey. The comparative analysis lists and compares pertinent data such as the sub market, class of office space building, rental rate, expense stop and parking ratio. Also included is the comparison of other crucial information such as space ownership, property management, year of construction and amenities.

Negotiations of the lease and other significant commercial space leasing issues to protect your investment. A commercial lease is basically a partnership agreement. It must be drafted to protect your interests, not the landlord’s. FBIC’s experience can help prevent unforeseen difficulties.

The conclusion of this process will result in our clients accomplishing a successful and affordable lease in the shortest possible time with as little difficulty as possible. Tenant representation is the key to achieving your leasing goals. Call us today for a confidential interview.


Purchasing real estate for investment can be one of the most challenging decisions made by a corporation, investor, partnership or individual. As business owners and commercial real estate experts, FBIC Business’s commercial real estate specialists are well versed in financial and regulatory concerns, how to find a property consistent with the prospective owner's investment strategy, available financing options, and tax considerations that need to be addressed – all factors that have a profound impact on future profitability.

FBIC Business’s Investment Analysis services include:

Establishing Net Operating Income

Cash-On-Cash Returns

Capitalization Rates

Loan To Value Ratios

Present Values

Net Present Values

Internal Rates Of Return

Financial Management

Build to Suit

Lease vs. Own

These services are incorporated into our listing and Buyer/Tenant Agreements.

Additionally, we are able to analyze compound transactions involving real estate with personal property through a synergistic relationship with our in house equipment and machinery appraisers.

FBIC Commercial Realty, Inc. can accomplish real estate sales and leasing where a business is the major or minor component of the transaction. Large transactions with multiple complex components will be administered by a “FBIC Team” of experts depending on the scope of work.