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A Legacy of Innovation
Many of the things that make FBIC unique today are direct reflections of the man who founded the company. Known for his creativity, energy, and enthusiasm, Karamjit Singh gave us more than that… he gave us his personal signature and set an industry benchmark.

Today his insights, innovation, integrity and penchant for growth are helping us advance our customers’ core business objectives.
FBIC was founded in 2003 with the following goal sets:
To be North America’s market leader in Commercial Real Estate consultancy and to be known for:
1. Superior client service
2. Operational excellence
3. Value creation for all stakeholders
Value Set
Treat all with dignity, value the contributions of others and help one another succeed.
Uphold the highest standards in business ventures.
Deliver responsive, innovative solutions to drive continuous improvement.
Surpass customer expectations with service.
Investment Highlight
1. Comprehensive Service Offering
2. Scale and Geographic Reach
3. Large and Well-Developed Client Base
4. Development Capability
5. Quality of Management/Personnel
Broker and Acquisition Information
In just the last five years, FBIC has purchased and brokered deals over 120 million dollars and acquired properties in the Mid Atlantic region over 45 million dollars.
Sample of Investments and Acquisitions
Acquired Fasmart (Headquarter Richmond, Virginia) gas stations throughout the East Coast
Value 6 million USD
Purchased 26 Pilot (Headquarter Tennessee) gas stations throughout the East Coast and sold for profit
Value 21.5 million USD
Purchased 24 Red Apple Markets (Headquarter North Carolina) gas stations throughout the North Carolina. Future planning is to upgrade and sell all for profit
Value 16 million USD
Purchased and Upgraded a 164 room full service hotel        Value 5.2 million USD
Purchased and Upgraded a 173 room full service hotel        Value 5.5 million USD
Purchased and Upgraded a 53 room full service hotel          Value 2.6 million USD
Brokered about 9 hotels in last two years                                  Value 36 million USD

Our banks are BB&T and Bank of America. Contact us for detailed information.

When I first thought of investing in Commercial Real Estate, I was sceptical; whether this was the right step to secure my future. Nowadays, whenever I look back, it dawns upon me how lucky I was to have consulted folks at FBIC, who listened to my needs and helped me invest in a strategically high return property.

Name: Harmit Singh
Location: Knoxville, TN
Business Name: Kingston Mart
Business Type: Gas Station
Transaction Value: USD 2.3 Million

1. Foreign Direct Investment to US & Canada.

2. Professional Consultancy (We have an in-house team of experienced attorneys)

Commercial Real Estate Deals.

Immigration to USA and Canada. (Talk to us about starting your US Immigration Process as an investor)