Business Valuation & Appraisal Services


What Is A Business Valuation?

A business valuation or appraisal is the independent and unbiased process of determining a supportable opinion of the value of a business, business ownership interest, security or intangible asset as of a specified date.

Select An Experienced Valuation Firm

All FBIC company valuations are performed by qualified, professional appraisers experienced in all aspects of business valuation and business transfers. Our valuations are performed in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice of the Appraisal Foundation (USPAP) as well as the Business Appraisal Standards of the Institute of Business Appraisers. Compliance with industry standards ensures that proven peer-reviewed valuation methods are used to develop defendable opinions of value. Through participation in teleconferences and annual valuation conferences, FBIC appraisers stay abreast of developing valuation issues and related court cases.

Why Perform A Company Valuation?

Sooner of later every business owner needs a reliable company valuation for one or more of a variety of reasons:

Business Sale


Shareholder Agreement

Shareholder Disputes



Estate Planning

Insurance Claims

Gift Taxes



Partnership Buyout

"C" Corp. to "S" Corp. conversion

Allocation of Purchase Price

Valuation Reports

Valuation Products Available

Our site acquisition team begins with a thorough understanding of our client’s needs. Depending on the client’s needs a site analysis will cover:

Business Valuation Report – A formal summary report that is used primarily for non-litigation situations. This restricted-use abbreviated report is typically all that is needed for determining the selling price of a business or assisting in establishing a buy-sell agreement between partners/shareholders.

Business Appraisal Report – This formal comprehensive report is suitable for litigation support and review by third parties such as the IRS. The report explains in a step-by-step manner what was done and how the value was derived.


Initial consultation

A highly trained FBIC valuation consultant will meet with you to determine the following:

Whether a valuation is necessary for your situation and the purpose of the valuation

Which one of our full-range of services are appropriate, including which valuation method will be used

An overview of the process along with a timeline for the valuation

After the initial consultation, an engagement letter will be drawn up documenting our mutual understanding of the valuation to be completed and the information we’ll need from you to complete the work.

Gathering Pertinent Information

FBIC valuation consultants will walk you through the process of gathering the necessary business financial documents needed to complete your valuation. These documents may range from tax returns and financial statements to a list of assets and risk/value drivers.

Research and Analysis

Once we have the necessary documentation, we set out to fully understand all the financial and operational aspects of your company. We will tour your business and its surroundings, learn your sales approach, analyze your market position and your competition, and interview key personnel. FBIC valuation consultants research relevant economic factors, industry trends, revenue and earnings over recent past years and expectations for the future, potential risk factors and comparable industry transactions.

Valuation Report Preparation

Using a variety of valuation methodologies, weighing the purpose of the valuation, and analyzing the data collected, FBIC valuation consultants will create a comprehensive report delineating our findings. You and the FBIC consultant will review the report to make sure you fully understand the independent, objective and supportable conclusions outlined and to ensure that the report meets its intended purpose. Revisions will be made if necessary and a final report will be prepared. All FBIC valuation reports adhere to the Institute of Business Appraisers standards and Uniform Standard Professional Appraisal Practices.