Business Brokerage Division


Why Choose Federal business investment consultants?

The sale of an active business is more effectively managed by a professional business broker who is experienced in all aspects of the transaction. Buying and selling a business demands a level of expertise that you get from seasoned Business Brokers. We are one of the largest and most successful business brokerage firms in North America with offices conveniently located throughout the United States and Canada.

There are over 30 million businesses in the United States and Canada today. Forty percent of business owners expect to sell their business within the next three years.


For business owners considering the sale of their company, FBIC’s experienced business brokers will provide the following services:

Determine the market value of the business to be sold

Prepare an informational package describing the business to be sold

Market to prospective buyers on behalf of the seller on a confidential basis

Qualify prospective buyers on their financial capability and their sincerity in buying

Assist the seller in evaluating offers and negotiating terms of the transaction

Facilitate the consummation of the transaction in conjunction with the seller’s tax and legal advisors


Corporate Executives

Small Group Buyers

Private Equity Groups

Public Companies

Industry Companies

Synergistic Buyers

High Net Worth Buyers


Execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement from FBIC Business brokerage firm to the owner

Gather and examine company historical and financial data

Determine fair market value and terms

Enter into an engagement agreement with the owner

Execute marketing plan

Qualify Buyers

Negotiate offers

Close transaction

The professional Business Brokers at FBIC will design a custom plan to promote your business to likely buyers. We directly market your business through global networks and on multiple websites, which means that you have a powerful network of business brokers working with us to find the perfect buyer.

We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality, so information about your business is shared with potential buyers in stages as their level of interest heightens. Our brokerage firm does not disclose Confidential information without a signed Confidentiality Agreement and a buyer application. We work toward a full disclosure with either an Offer to Purchase or a Letter of Intent to Purchase. That’s not all! We use our banking and financing contacts to assist the buyer and arrange favorable financing. This includes traditional financing, small business loans (SBA) or the use of non-traditional lenders. By doing this, we can also help minimize the amount of seller financing